House/Company Removal-Relocation Abroad

Μετακομίσεις οικοσκευών - νοικοκυριών - εταιρών από-προς το εξωτερικό

SKANI Ltd covers all the needs in the field of combined transport. Road , sea and air transport is an area of ongoing activities accurately and consistently. Our goal is the best throughput with maximum speed and security. The quality of our services is warranted by the international organizations to which we are a members of, and prove that our company belongs to an international network of removal companies.

In order to better organize your removal/relocation and to better serve your needs , we propose an expert assess at your premises by our qualified representatives , who will assess the volume of items to transfer , and propose solutions to your questions . During that
visit our expert will decide whether there is a need for special packaging constructions ( wooden crates , Bulktransports etc ) for very sensitive items. He will also assess the access to the items in order to decide the means that are required for the removal (external hoist or crane, smaller truck transshipment) , if the can be direct loaded on large trucks or in a container if it is a large volume of transported goods. The packing of your household will be made by highly trained staff with years of experience with the highest quality packing materials for international shipments in the specified agreed dates .

Leaving our partner from your premices, our goal is that you have discussed all the processes of removal , have solved your queries and your anxiety was reduced. For this reason, you will also be given and suggestions that you can follow until the day of the removal/relocation , which it will make it much easier to properly prepare for the removal/relocation of your items.

Depending on where is the final destination the chosen mode of transport will be decided and in the case of imposed customs clearance, SKANI will arrange it without any problems. Additionally SKANI can provide you with the most appropriate insurance package, recognizing not only the actual value of your items but also their sentimental value to you
. In the event that there is a need to store the items, our company gives you the possibility of storing your household before departure or prior to delivery to the final installation and that is to be agreed upon.

Depending of the destination, SKANI will provide you with with our superior service delivery with our  experienced staff or using partners from internationally recognized removals abroad. The organization of processing and continuous update for all the stages of the removal  will be under the guidance and supervision at all levels from the department involved .

For the safety of your belongings from the packing and then , regardless of the place of destination ( warehouse or direct delivery) we use a management system that allows us at any time to monitor and identify anything in your household effects . Our management system begins with the labeling of packaging, household list (a copy is submitted to the customer) , the serial numbering (bar code), keyed if needed, specific storage per household effect , etc. that allows us to respond quickly to your queries and to safely deliver what we have receipt .

The packaging abroad in places where SKANI is not able to perform it with its own staff and to its own materials, will be done by an affiliated company under our strict supervision . To destinations that it's not possible to send our staff, the delivery will be made by an internationally recognized removals firm under the constant supervision of the our export department.

Our staff will unload, unpack and place your things to your new home. Also is our responsibility of removing the packing material from your area.