Intermodal Transport

Trains, trucks, planes and cargo ships – international transport today can require multi-modal shipping. SKANI can arrange passage from inland origin to air or seaport, to destinations anywhere in the world – aboard the various vessels needed to ensure your cargo travels its course safely and securely.

With our expertise in logistics management, customs and duties, and international negotiations, clients can rest assured that their products will arrive as expected.

The knowledge and experience of the management and staff of the company based on a specific policy of continuous longitudinal internal training , is the main advantage of SKANI from its founding in 1994.

The large volume of traffic allows us economies of scale in order to be able to offer to our clients the best solutions of transportation coupled with competitive prices.

Using the most sophisticated software , coupled with one of the most reliable networks of correspondents around the world, SKANI really contributes to the customer's optimization of supply chain.

We can transfer any container classic type and variable body (interchangeable body) of any type - box , refrigerator, tank - with special vehicles exclusively for this transfer .